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Tele Film, Documentary, TV Commercials, TV Packaging

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Web Design, Web Development, Online Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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POSTRAY Multimedia

POSTRAY Multimedia is a Media Production, design, marketing, and consultancy firm based in Beirut, Lebanon. Established in 2011, our objective is to provide the best quality of services, at affordable rates. POSTRAY provides Film Production Services, Online Solutions, Branding, Printing , Graphics & Animation. POSTRAY projects take new dimensions; where work is not just a business but it is more of an art.

Whatever was the project, we give high importance for every detail in it, and this is actually what differentiates POSTRAY from other Media corporations.

We train and develop our team to be ready for any media production work, and to be compatible with the new techniques, which lead us to achieve high levels in the production in the most efficient and effective manner.

We are a small business with resources similar to large companies with the best quality available in the market. Our solutions are customized and unique, where we study the trends in our fields, as well as those of our clients, to make sure we progress along with the market curve.


POSTRAY presents itself as a young and dynamic company that provides consultancy services, communication and image, print and web.

We bring a fresh approach in the planning of any media campaign. The innovation of time-tested ideas with leading-edge concepts are used to produce outstanding results.

Our team is creative, great at thinking conceptually and is constantly looking to improve their competencies . 

We are well connected to our market and our achievements are greatly appreciated by our clients.




There are numerous firms providing the same or similar set of products/services and this has given rise to a need - the need to be different. Since quality is ingrained in everything we do, it comes to us naturally. In our commitment to deliver top notch service to our clients, we measure every delivery step down to the minutest details. In the entire history of our existence, we have strived to compete with ourselves, improve upon our standards and continued setting high-standards for ourselves. We take pride in sharing with you, a few of our differentiators.

01 In this world of Uncertainty, We Foresee Future
The three key areas that we consider while providing you with a commercial grade application are: the target audience, your current and near future requirements, and potential needs at the time of delivery. Our knowledge and expertise on multiple platforms act as surety for dependability.

02 In this World of pink Slips, We Value Human Expertise
We strongly believe that our employees are the biggest asset of the company. This belief reflects in our recruitment procedure designed to hire the best minds; minds that only have technical expertise, but are also capable of innovating ideas. We take pride in having a vast talent pool of cross disciplinary professionals.

03 In this World of Contracts, We Establish Partnerships
Our teams consider themselves to be an extension of your organization. Our perspective is that of yours and we use it to attain new heights for your business. Drawing from our expertise and experience, we strive to add value to each and every step of the project. Your success is the only true measure of our hard work and commitment.

04 In this World of Chaos, We Build Synergy
Our Project Management team oils the entire design and development cycles, right from the project's inception to its delivery. It incorporates optimum resource allocation and makes use of modern techniques like linear modeling to meet strict deadlines. In a nut shell, it is the focal point of our entire organization.!

05 In this World of plentiful Technologies, We Strive on Competence
Anyone can hold to the helm when the sea is quite. We have survived fierce competition and market volatility, and have evolved only to become stronger. This could be attributed to our core competencies and technical supremacy.

06 In this World of Improbability, We Deliver Guarantee
We have done this before and we can do it again. This knowledge adds to our confidence and reflects in our endeavor to offer guaranteed services. We could write a thesis on guarantees but we would like to keep is short and sweet.



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